Thursday, February 28, 2008

St. Paddy's, Two Days Early?

Riggity Jig reverently joins in with our pious brethren by celebrating St. Patrick's Day a few days early this year: we're playing our customary St. Pat's gig at Little Prague Restaurant this year on Saturday, March 15. Why's that? Well, Easter is what the Catholics call a moveable feast, see -- and that doesn't mean it's a picnic (though a lot of people DO have Easter picnics), it means it doesn't fall on the same calendar date from year to year. In Easter's case, it brings the entire Holy Week with it wherever it goes, and you just can't have special Saint's Day masses during Holy Week. It wouldn't be the thing to do. Likewise, the Church frowns on loud, colorful, and festive parties and parades so close before Easter. Parades on Easter? Maybe. Just before? Nope.

In addition, band members noted that a Saturday night might get us a better audience than a Monday night. Maybe better tips. And then there would be the matter of getting up for work Tuesday morning.

Let's just say the forces of organized religion, the movement of the planets and moons, and plain common sense have prevailed on us this year to play the gig a few days early. It's a good thing! Come out and hear us play! As ever, you may want to get reservations in advance. The food will be great, and the place may well be packed. One hopes.

By some stroke of Irish luck, St. Pat's hasn't fallen in Holy Week since 1940, so you can bet there was a lot of rummaging through rule books when folks realized that this year was the odd exception. So don't be late for the celebration this year -- make it two days early, and join us for a fine evening of food and entertainment at Little Prague on Saturday, March 15, starting at 6 pm!

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