Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thanks for Kind Words

Thanks to Tom McKeith for sending us a link that proves we have been mentioned elsewhere in the blogosphere! Take a look at Rookie Cookery for an upbeat and unbiased account of the goings on at Sunday night's Burns Supper at Little Prague. Even before-and-after photos of a feerst-time taster o' the haggis!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Thanks to Burns-o-philes

Thank you, everyone, for coming out the Sunday night's Robert Burns Supper at Little Prague in Davis. We had a full house for at least part of the night -- pretty good for a rainy Sunday -- and some folks sat up front and stayed right through til the end at 9 pm!

One of our fans may have felt a cool breeze on his or her neck on the way home last night, though: A lovely, brown, cable-knit scarf was found up near the front of the room near the band when we were cleaning up. Send us a note if it's yours, and we'll try to get it back to you.

And thanks again to Vaclav and Little Prague for having us, for supplying the substantial haggis, and for providing the band with such a delicious meal afterward. And those desserts!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Serious Burns Unit

Maybe it took 250 years to happen, but Rabbie Burns is gettin' his due this year in news media near and far. Take a look at these:

The Sacramento Bee's print edition includes a list of Burns Night events, including our gig at Little Prague as well as a sit-down dinner for Dixon and Davis folks and a reading of the Bard's poetry in Sacramento. Get out there and grab a copy!