Sunday, September 7, 2008

'Arf Pat's, September 19

So me and Fiddlin' Dave are in this pub, and a fellow walks up to the bar and says, "Two dogs, please." A minute later he's stepping away with a glass in his hand. A puzzled Dave scratches his furrowed brow with a rosin-dusted finger and asks him, "Two dogs?" The guy points at his pint glass, a mix of ale and stout, and says "Yeah -- It's 'arf and 'arf." (Groans all around.)

And here it is, almost 'arf-way to St. Patrick's, and we of Riggity Jig are inviting you to a fine night of music and good cheer at Little Prague Bohemian Restaurant, local gathering place and cultural center for the Czeltic czommunity of greater Yolo County. We'll be playing at 6 pm (til ???) on Friday, September 19, and we'd love to see you there! To make your dinner reservation now, call 530-756-1107. Besides the main dining room, Little Prague has tables on the patio and in the bar, so make sure to ask for a spot close to the band. We're hoping fair weather will put us out on the patio this time around.

See you there!