Saturday, September 12, 2009

May the Road Rise Halfway Up to Meet You

(Yawwwn.) Hmmm? Oh, I must have dozed off for a few months there.
Let's see -- September. If it's September, we must be coming up on half-Pat's, the day on which they celebrate St. Patrick's Day on the planet Leonard, Earth's secret twin, which of course we can never see from here because it's always on the opposite side of the sun from us. There's some debate over whether Leonardians have a more advanced civilization than we do or the other way round, but either way it's just a matter of 6 months' difference. So either they're 6 months behind and their economy is still a total and absolute wreck (rather than a total but no longer absolute wreck), or they're 6 months ahead and have already seen all of the holiday-release movies and are busy reading the surprise 8th volume of Harry Potter ("Harry Potter and the Big, Scary Monster with a Silly-Sounding Name").

September . . . September . . . Let's see . . . What else is supposed to happen in September. Oh, right! It's time for Riggity Jig to raise a half-pint in celebration of Half-Pat's! And where better to do that than at Yolo County's premier Czech restaurant, Little Prague Bohemian Restaurant?

The music starts September 19 at 6 pm and continues til 9, with occasional pauses so the band members can regain their composure.

Come join us for half a minute, half an hour, or half the evening. As ever, reservations are recommended: Call 530-756-1107.