Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hair Today . . .

Hey kids! Here's a new official Riggity Jig band picture that you add to your collection! We'll be playing at Little Prague again on March 15, but several of us will also make a musical appearance and tonsorial sacrifice March 14 at the UC Davis Cancer Center in Sacramento for this year's St. Baldrick's benefit.

Founded in 2000, St. Baldrick's has raised over 34 million dollars worldwide to support research on the prevention and treatment of childhood cancers. The money comes courtesy of thousands of volunteers -- this year including a few of our own -- who set aside both vanity and sanity for the few minutes necessary to have their heads shaven clean of hair. Yes. Exactly how that translates into money is not entirely clear to me, but friends assure me that it does work somehow. It seems to have something to do with other people (you, for instance?) making pledges to St. Baldrick's in support of a shavee.

What do you say? Make a donation to the cause and we may well dedicate a song to you at our next gig! Wow! You'll certainly have our gratitude, as well as the gratitude of children and their families who find themselves coping with cancer every day. Sometimes it feels awfully lonely when you're facing such a serious problem as this, but it's gratifying to know that other people care enough to support the research that can reduce cancer and the suffering that comes with it.

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