Monday, January 28, 2008

A Right Guid-Willie Waught

Thanks from the band to all who came to see us play at Little Prague on January 25 and at the private party the next night, and even to those who would've come but stayed home on account of the rain. We saw lots of familiar faces along with plenty of new, and the kilts were in evidence as were some authentic Scottish burrs. In case you missed the festivities, there's always next year!

But don't deprive yourself of the Bard just on account of a little rain or a small streams advisory. Remember, you can find Burns online, and he's always well worth the reading. Take a look at "To a Mouse" or "A Red, Red Rose" and you'll see, once you've looked up one or two unfamiliar words, that the man had a wonderful gift for words and remarkable insight into the way we live, and feel, and love, how we stumble, and how we go gracefully on.

Happy reading til next year, and maybe then you'll want to read out a poem or two with us!

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