Monday, December 26, 2011

January 7 at the Sudwerk Dock Store

Join us for music and fun starting at 4 o'clock January 7 at the Sudwerk Dock Store, just inside the big garage door behind of the more familiar Sudwerk Restaurant & Brewery in Davis. You can get there from Pole Line Road or Second Street. If you've never been to the Dock Store, take a look at the introduction Eric Dirksen posted to the Davis Life Magazine blog.

The Sudwerk Dock Store is the brewery's actual loading dock, transformed 3 days a week into a no-frills pub -- and with the beers they offer, no frills are necessary. If you want a salad or a sandwich, step around the corner to the other Sudwerk. But if you'd like to taste a delicious seasonal or experimental brew and listen to the music stylings of Riggity Jig, the Dock Store is the place for you.

And since it's a real loading dock, I'll bet the acoustics will be fantastic! See you there!

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