Friday, September 10, 2010

Not Your Grandmother's LGM

Somewhere on the far side of the sun, there's a land that's never green on a little piece of floating space junk no human eye has ever seen. This nameless shard follows the same orbital path our dear Earth, but six months ahead of us, give or take a few days (or six months behind us, depending on how you look at things).

And on that bit of debris, the result of some cosmic collision or engineer's miscalculation, there's a small cadre of little would-be green men like this fellow who are doing their best to celebrate, on this very day, their own March 17, and the sainted memory of he who brought Christianity to, and expelled snakes from, a lovely green island on a planet they themselves will never see, but only sing of in sentimental, sappy ballads, rasped into the thin, dry atmosphere of their tiny, rocky home.

In honor of these stalwart, possibly misguided, and almost certainly nonexistent revelers, we call on you to join Riggity Jig for our umpteenth-annual Half-way to St. Pat's celebration, starting at 6 pm on Friday, September 10 at Little Prague Bohemian Restaurant in Davis. We'll be playing a festive assortment of jigs, reels, and other Irish favorites till 9 pm.

Call Little Prague at 530-756-1107 to make sure you get a table close by the band!

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