Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Quarter-Millennial Burns Supper Upcoming

We've nearly done it! The day is nearing when humankind will have survived 250 years past the birth of that bard of bards, that poetical scratcher of glass, our Auld Acquaintance from Ayrshire, Mister Rabbie Burns. And many have speculated -- (or, at least, this one has) -- that the very fact that we've made it this far is due in no small part to the beauty, truth, and wit we've gleaned over the years from Burns's own writings.

So please make plans to join us on Sunday evening, January 25, 2009, when Riggity Jig will with due solemnity mark the 250th anniversary of the Bard's birth with a traditional-ish Burns Supper at our usual haunt, Little Prague Bohemian Restaurant (rechristened for the occasion as "Wee Praggie") in Davis. Call ahead to reserve a table for dinner, or just stop by to toast the Bard with a traditional beverage and share in a sma' slice of Scotland's national dish or one of Wee Praggie's phenomenal desserts. We'll have recitations of the Bard's poems, possibly a piper, and of course Riggity Jig's music to cheer you on. Last year the band even had some requests from the audience -- but we shook our heads and said, no, we'll keep playing anyway.

Keep in mind that not many of us will be around to celebrate Burns's 500th anniversary, so make a point of doing the holiday up right this time! We'll see ye there!

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